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The newest ranging from-group percentage of the difference between maternity chance because of down pricing off intercourse (SA) was calculated given that:


We basic assessed market differences in brand new part of females reporting current sexual activity and their accessibility particular contraception steps. We made use of logistic regression to design probability of previous sexual activity and you can a general multinomial logit model to guess odds of playing with condoms only, one hormones approach, or detachment/almost every other approach compared to. no birth prevention/uncertain for a change intercourse. Most of the multivariable patterns adjusted to possess competition/ethnicity, values level, and you can university people. Given that Ny neighborhoods have a tendency to vary by the socioeconomic reputation (SES), school people are chosen as a proxy having people-level SES. Details about areas of SES, for example students‘ household income, otherwise knowledge and work reputation of the moms and dad(s)/guardian(s), just weren’t gathered towards survey. To reduce multicollinearity regarding the multivariable designs, we developed a keen 7-peak mutual school borough–community adjustable. The fresh geographic site class for the 7-peak changeable ‚s the Southern area Bronx, as its pregnancy pricing and you will poverty rate is consistently higher than that from most other New york counties and you can communities. We excluded age bracket in the multivariable activities, because it was not rather regarding the effects just after dealing with to own values peak. On account of limited racial/cultural variation within borough and you can society, we were incapable of introduce communication terms on some of this new designs.

We estimated CRI and PRI by race/ethnicity, levels height, years, borough, and you may area. And additionally, t screening were utilized to evaluate to possess dependence on ranging from-classification distinctions in the 0.05 peak. 2nd, we decomposed the entire PRI with the its component bits (sexual activity and you https://datingmentor.org/local-hookup/dayton/ can contraceptive play with) getting demographic subgroups discussed because of the ages, degrees, race/ethnicity, and you can university society. Also, the new percentage of the difference while pregnant risk because of alot more productive birth control have fun with try determined once the: . I complement multivariable linear habits to track down modified factor quotes for the fresh new relationships ranging from competition/ethnicity and PRI/CRI, controlling to have amount level and you will society.

All of the analytical analyses have been conducted using SUDAAN app, hence remedied on the clustering built-in when you look at the state-of-the-art survey models. 16 All of the analyses was nested towards the questionnaire 12 months, college or university, and you may class. Standard problems and you may 95% trust intervals was basically computed having fun with a first-purchase Taylor collection. 16 Cousin important errors (RSE) was in fact computed to have mode and proportions. Rates with RSEs >30% is noted as unreliable. Multivariable habits was indeed estimated using the LOGISTIC, MULTILOG, and you may REGRESS strategies. 17


Whenever 1 / 3rd of your complete sample regarding public senior school lady said that have had sex regarding 90 days prior to the newest questionnaire (thirty two.6%). New part of teen females which said newest sexual activity ranged notably (p step one ). Black colored youngsters have been most likely to get already intimately effective (35.4%), accompanied by Hispanics (32.7%) and you can whites (23.4%). The ratio out-of pupils who have been already sexually productive increased having decades and levels level. These were large among female students old 18 and up (59.6%) and you can twelfth graders (forty eight.3%), and lowest among children below many years fifteen (sixteen.8%) and you will 9th graders (twenty-two.4%). College students within the North and Central Brooklyn said large pricing from latest sexual intercourse as opposed to those regarding South Bronx (resource category) (40.4% vs. thirty two.8%).

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*p 2 )pared having whites, Hispanics was basically very likely to statement using zero approach or “not sure” (23.0% against. ten.7%) the final go out they had intercourse. Accessibility hormones contraceptive is low in most of the groups of intimately active people (11.6% certainly whites, 7.8% one of blacks, and 7.5% among Hispanics). Ninth (67.4%) and you will 10th (67.4%) graders had been likely to statement condom play with than simply 12th graders (55.3%), but less inclined to statement withdrawal/other means. Almost 18% regarding twelfth-grade women stated using “withdrawal” otherwise “other means,” weighed against nine.5% out of 9th graders and you can six.1% regarding 10th graders.