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In the show finale Nyc, I really like You XOXO, Jenny seems in the Dan and you can Serena’s matrimony

  • (Father)
  • Jeannette Humphrey (Mother) (Brother)

Memorable Quotes

„You think that you could merely upload me off to school with good plaid top and you can a great metro card and what you manage getting okay?“ -New Blair Bitch Enterprise (1×14)

„You think you happen to be therefore more and so good? Well do you know what, Dan. The moment you start sending tips to Gossip Lady you are in the game the rest of you.“ -Everything about My cousin (1×16)


„In fact, Blair, due to the fact I’m king out of Constace and you will Graham Collins desires to feel my personal escort, I really don’t envision I want you as the my personal coach any longer.“ -Jenny

„I’d provide every straight back: the clothing, the brand new functions, the fresh new limo adventures, for just 1 day one believed typical.“ -Ex-Husbands and you can Wives (3×21)

„Even with what happened now, I am unable to defeat your. So you’re able to beat your I might need to become you, and you can I’m better than you to definitely. At the very least I would like to getting. You one or two used to be in love and you can together you’re invincible. However now which you have turned against both, it’s just an issue of date up to their mutual destruction. Of course that takes place, maybe I’ll consider coming household. But for today: so long, a good riddance, and you will good luck.“ -Easy J (4×6)

Regarding the Blair Bitch Venture Nate warns Jenny to not feel contaminated daf by exactly who she’s getting together with. At the same time, Jenny are not able to keep up with the luxurious life regarding the girl the brand new household members and you may takes a dress of Hazel Williams‘ mom’s pantry to wear at birthday celebration restaurants he is planning for the lady. At the same time, Blair deals with Rufus in order to plan an unpleasant cluster having Jenny; where it’s revealed that she stole Hazel’s mother’s dress. Due to the fact people try annoyed at first, they intend to forgive Jenny rather than provide stamina back to Blair. Appropriate, Jenny begins relationship Asher Hornsby, a student on Unity (Desperately Trying to Serena). Yet not, she easily knows she produced a big mistake immediately after Asher reveals that he’s gay and just using her given that a beard. From the a mutual team Asher and you can Jenny put together, Blair and you may Eric show Asher’s sex to everyone. After finding out, Jenny’s family relations getting mad at the girl having lying throughout the sleep having Asher and kick this lady from the class (All about My cousin).

From inside the Moved toward Usually it is showed that Jenny, Dan, Serena, and you will Eric share a 1 / 2 brother due to Rufus and Lily having had a son before any of them was produced. In the So long Gossip Woman Blair determines Jenny to-be this lady succeeding king shortly after she graduates Constance.

When you look at the Juliet Will not Alive Right here Any further Vanessa advises Juliet Sharp, a woman which have good vendetta against Serena, to inquire about Jenny to own help on precisely how to deal with the latest Higher Eastern Front. Soon after, about Witches away from Bushwick, Jenny pertains to Manhattan to greatly help. While you are around, she, Vanessa, and you will Juliet effortlessly alienate Serena off Lily, Nate and you will Dan, and you will Blair. After, she actually leaves to go back to help you Hudson. not, unbeknownst to this lady, Juliet pills Serena to be certain the lady reputation is ruined to possess a great. Within the Gaslit Rufus asks Jenny to come the home of help Lily and you may Serena but Vanessa, who is concerned about the woman profile towards the Humphrey’s becoming destroyed as to what took place, shows that Jenny try behind Serena’s visible overdose. Jenny tries to establish which they spent some time working because a group however, Rufus will not trust her. She upcoming goes toward pick Blair, who she says to the entire tale so you’re able to. Blair asks the woman to remain at the rear of which help but Jenny a great of one’s UES.